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Historical Milestones:

1868 Craftsman Ludvík Sigmund establishes a pump firm in Lutín. He starts to produce wooden yard pumps and water piping. The firm develops fast and takes on its first employees.
1894 Sons Jan and František take over the firm from its founder. Metal machining and production of the metal parts of pumps begins. The firm gains renown in the area of well drilling and construction of water mains.
1922 The “SIGMA” and “Neptune Trident” trade marks are registered. One year later, the electrical drive of machines is installed and workshops are equipped with modern machine tools. In 1924, the company opened its own retail store in Prague.
1933 In the thirties, the firm expands at home and abroad and lots of new products enter its production programme. The company SIGMUND PUMPY employs 650 workers. Employing the use of many patents, the new series of famed submersible NAUTILA pumps for deep and drilled wells is developed. Production of domestic water stations under the brand DARLING is expanded and the firm focuses on delivering water, mining and industrial pumps of all design principles. In agriculture, the company achieves a prominent position thanks to its efficient irrigation equipment called REVOLT and RAKETA.
1935 The Sigmunds establish a new company called CHEMA in Lutín. This modern production plant focuses on the research, production and sale of protective equipment against gas weapons and air-raids. Production specializes in filtering equipment and in breathing filters for gasmasks
1937 SIGMUND PUMPS LTD. is established in the United Kingdom, with subsidiaries in London and Newcastle. The company is focused on motorized fire engines for the British Home Office and the London Fire Department. The production programme of the British affiliation was extended during the war years to include other pump series designed at Lutín.
1942 During World War II, especially after the execution of the director and co-owner Ing. Jan Sigmund by the Gestapo in 1942, the company in Lutín was confiscated by German Reich and extensively rebuilt to produce armament parts for tanks, submarines, aircrafts and cars.
1948 After the company’s nationalization in 1945 and transformation into the SIGMA PUMPY national enterprise, a period began that saw the construction of new production halls in Lutín, aimed at specializing in the manufacture of industrial pumps. The development and design background of the company expands.
1965 The SIGMA KONCERN association is established - joining together all companies producing pumps and valves in the former Czechoslovakia. The plant in Lutín is renamed SIGMA Lutín, national enterprise. The Pump Research Institute is established – a new organization focused on the research and development of pumps for the whole concern.
1968 The company’s hundredth anniversary is associated with launching the production of submersible slurry pumps and dewatering pumps. Co-operation with the English firm CRANE Ltd. is also started, leading to the licensed production of mechanical seals. Foreign trade develops fast, especially to markets in Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Near East, Latin and South America and South-East Asia.
1975 SIGMA Latin starts to focus on the comprehensive delivery of complete industrial facilities involving the pumping engineering sector. The first prototype of the 1600 BQDV type pump, a unique diagonal vertical pump for power station cooling circuits is produced.
1979 The series production starts of pumps with a new design for the conventional and nuclear power industries; production primarily involves feeding pumps in multi-stage and boiler versions, supply and condensate pumps.
1990 As a resulting of political changes in Czechoslovakia, state property is privatized and SIGMA KONCERN is broken up. SIGMA Lutín, an independent state enterprise is established to consolidate the firm’s property in Lutín for the forthcoming privatization. Technically complex feeding and supply pumps are produced for nuclear power station units with power of 1,000 MW.
1994 After almost 50 years, a private pump company is established once again in Lutín – SIGMA Lutín, joint-stock company. The break-up of the Soviet bloc brings with it a need to restructure and increase the specialization of the firm, together with a need to orient itself towards new markets.
1997 The sweeping organizational restructuring of the firm is finished. The joint-stock company SIGMA GROUP a.s. is established in Lutín as the parent company of a holding with more than ten development, production and business companies focused on pumping engineering. Development work on new flood-protection sets is underway.
2004 Organizational changes occur in the holding SIGMA GROUP a.s. to divide the product portfolio between the Hranice and Lutín plants.
2008 Commemoration of 140th anniversary of company foundation.  
2010 Supplies for nuclear and turbine slands of nuclear power plant Mochovce VVER 440 MW in Slovakia.     
2011 Booster, boiler feedwater and cooling water pumps supplies for thermal powerplant units 660 MW - supercritical steam parameters in Ledvice, CZ.  
2012 Production of KDX3 pumps designed for the system of emergency boratic acid replenishing inside nuclear island of Mochovce nuclear power plant.
2013 Extensive reconstruction of company´s entry area in Lutín. Company certification as per ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 3834-2. Definitive removal of consumer pums production from Lutín to Hranice accompanied with the merger of pumping division of SIGMA 1868 spol. s r.o. with SIGMA PUMPY HRANICE, s.r.o. From now on, SIGMA 1868 spol. s r .o. shall be active in the business of pressure sewerages only.           


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