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The SIGMA word trade mark has been from its very inception closely connected with the Czech tradition of making pumps. The word SIGMA evokes the connection between pump production in Lutín with the Sigmund family – founders of the firm. The letter of Greek alphabet – SIGMA at the same time inevitably means the brand can be used for a wide range of commercial purposes. With this in mind, the Sigmund brothers came to register their first trade mark SIGMA at the Office for Trade Mark Registration on 4th August 1922. Other cases of national and international registration were to follow, which today provide protection for the products and services of the SIGMA GROUP a.s. in more than 75 countries around the world. Thanks to its long-term association with pumping engineering, the SIGMA trade mark had achieved well-known status by 1995.

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In 1922, another traditional trade mark of the company was registered – Neptune trident. The trident symbolizes the element of water, in the control and use of which the pump machinery is employed. It emphasizes the force, dynamism and reliability of the firm and its products. Similarly, like the SIGMA word trade mark, the Neptune trident picture was declared a well-known trade mark and is protected in more than 70 countries globally.

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The joint marketing of the SIGMA and Neptune trident trade marks has resulted in a new, combined trade mark that now represents companies within the holding SIGMA GROUP a.s. and their products in the greatest possible extent. The trade mark was registered in 2011 as a Community mark and it is protected in all EU countries.

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