Chemical and petrochemical industries

For applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries SIGMA GROUP a.s. offers pumps from its production programme in the NEA, NET, NED, NQD, QEH, HET, CGM, CES, CU, CND, CDB and HCBV series. These pumps, intended for pumping of a wide range of petroleum products, form a vital link in the complex and demanding chain of technologies in refineries and crude oil processing plants. SIGMA pumps are applied for pumping light and heavy components of hydrocarbons (kerosene, gasoline, oils, liquid gases, black oil, etc.) as well as in hot chemical plants for pumping many types of chemical liquids (acids, liquors, etc.)

The severe operating conditions found in chemical processes are highly demanding on the design and materials of these pump types, especially as far as the prevention of corrosion and the aggressive effects of chemical agents are concerned.

According to the pumped liquid and its temperature, the material version is selected from 5 basic options or a special DUPLEX option. The strenuous requirements for perfect sealing of the hydraulic zone, reliability and operating safety can be satisfied by the wide range of mechanical seals from the leading world producers on offer.

The design of pumps for the petrochemical industry takes into account the demands of extreme operating pressures and temperatures and meets the strict requirements of the API 610 standard.

You can find SIGMA process pumps not only in all the petrochemical plants of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in many companies all over the world, for example in refineries in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, as well as in chemical plants and refineries of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.


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