Mines and metallurgical works

SIGMA GROUP a.s. brings to the market a comprehensive product series of pumps and sets for mines and metallurgical works focused on mine water pumping. In relation to investors’ requirements to increase quarrying efficiency and to reduce the environmental effects of mining, demand for pumping sets in this segment has been growing over recent years.

SIGMA GROUP a.s. offers pumping sets for:

  • Dewatering systems for underground mines using pumps in the CDB series
  • Dewatering systems for surface mines using sludge pumps or vertical pumps from the CVFV and CVEV series placed on pontoons, where they serve as feeding pumps for stationary pumps in the QVD nebo CDB series placed on lagoon banks.
  • he final extraction from petroleum wells. These pumping sets press water under high pressure into petroleum wells where crude oil is buoyed by the injected water and extracted from the lower depths. Pumping sets for final petroleum extraction are fitted with high-pressure centrifugal pumps from the CDB and CND series.
  • Air-conditioning underground workpaces to improve difficult working conditions in underground mines. SIGMA GROUP a.s. offers simple but reliable spiral pumps and medium-pressure multi-stage pumps from its new CU series.
  • Cooling circuits for metallurgical plants. A wide range of SIGMA pumps is used for cooling circuits of heavy metallurgical plants and scale blasting - starting from high-pressure centrifugal CND pumps for blast scales and ending up with the QVD, KID, HVBW, BQOW, BQLV, AQTV, CVEV and CVFV series for cooling systems.

SIGMA pumps for mines and metallurgical works are reliably operating at the plants of important Czech and foreign companies, for instance at OKD Ostrava a.s., Mittal Steel Ostrava a.s. and at US Steel Košice a.s.


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