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Thanks to growing demands on efficiency, saving energy and protecting the environment, the control, processing and use of water as a basic raw material in many human activities has become a complex and sophisticated matter. More and more customers are conscious of the necessity to judge the operational efficiency of technological units in water management not only with respect to the basic element, i.e. the pumping set, but in an all-embracing way, i.e. with respect to the system as a whole. In this regard, SIGMA GROUP a.s. offers its long-standing experience in engineering, delivery and assembly activities, the result of which is the delivery of complete industrial facilities involving pumping engineering in the form of turnkey contracts.

Besides the delivery of pumps, drives, piping and valves, components of large-scale complete industrial facilities also commonly include construction elements and electrical parts, pressure and lifting equipment (boilers, compressors, pressure tanks, cranes, lifting equipment, etc.), measuring and control devices as well as other structural and technological elements. One essential aspect of any comprehensive service within the delivery of complete industrial facilities is of course consultancy, the working out of technical and price offers, design activities, assembling, commissioning, arranging for necessary tests, inspections and certificates, guarantee and post-guarantee services as well as staff training.


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