Water management

Technological systems for water management represent an important market segment for SIGMA GROUP a.s. The company produces complete series of highly efficient and reliable centrifugal pumps of vertical as well as horizontal designs and flow range from tens to several thousands litres per second. As examples of the larger waterworks in which SIGMA pumps are operating there can be mentioned ČSSV Želivka, Podolí Water Station, the Water Treatment Plant in České Budějovice, the Central Waste Water Treatment Plant in Prague and many other pumping and re-pumping stations and water treatment plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as further ones in Egypt and India, etc.

SIGMA GROUP a.s. products for water management include:

  • Pumps for water sources, water stations and water treatment plants; for these applications are primarily used pumps of QVDKID, BQO, CVE, CVN, HVBW, BQOW, BQLV, BQAV, BQBV and BQDV series.
  • Pumps for pumping of service water using the same series (see above).
  • Pumps for waste water treatment plants. In addition to the foregoing series, sludge pumps from the NFxx and GFxx series can also be used in waste water treatment plants.
  • Pumps for nonabrasive digesting and fibrous sludge in the NFxx and GFxx series (27 product versions)
  • Pumps for raw sewage water, according to contamination level, the pump can be selected from the comprehensive offer of the QVD, KID, BQO, CVE, CVN, HVBW, BQOW, BQLV, BQAV, BQBV and BQDV. series
  • Pumps for small water power stations are marked KID and QVD.


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