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SIGMA ENERGIE spol. s r.o.

SIGMA ENERGIE spol.s r.o. was established in order toconcentrate on independent business subject activities connected withsupplying electric energy and natural gas in the industrial premisesSIGMA in Lutín. Legislative changes connected with the deregulationof energy markets have necessitated the need for a new approach tocustomers, changes in management and administration, as well as adifferent way of financing of deliveries. In this respect, SIGMAENERGIE spol. s r.o. fulfils its original intention of establishing a"small", narrowly specialized and dynamically developing company,financially and organizationally independent from any other SIGMAGroup companies.

Today, SiGMA ENERGIEspol. s r.o. is the exclusive supplier ofelectric energy and natural gas for more than 40 customers in theSIGMA industrial premises in Lutín, and in addition to the sale ofenergies it also ensures the operation, repair and maintenance of thein-house electric distribution system and the distribution system ofnatural gas. The company's key activities include operating its own110 kV/22 kV electric distribution system that represents animportant transition point on the border of the Northern Moravian andSouthern Moravian distribution systems.

Annual volumes ofprovided energies approach 29 GWh forelectric energy and 15 GWh for natural gas.


SIGMA ENERGIE spol. s r.o.
Jana Sigmunda 313, 783 49 Lutín, Czech Republic
phone: +420 585 652 503
fax: +420 585 652 500


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Jana Sigmunda 79
783 49 Lutín
Czech Republic