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SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav, s.r.o.

SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav, s.r.o. operates in the SIGMA Group as a research and development, information and standardisation base, the target of which is research in the field of the hydraulics of machines, and the implementation of scientific and development trends in the production of pumps. The company participates considerably in the innovation programme of SIGMA pumps from the phase of initial hydraulic calculations up to construction, and testing model and prototype equipment in their perfectly equipped production workshops and advance designing offices.

An important part of the company’s business activities is the production and sale of pumping equipment for special applications. It includes pumps and equipment for ecology, particularly technologic equipment of waste water treatment plants, floating and other portable and stationary pumping sets for fire rescue corps, mobile flood control emergency pump sets, and special pumps. The company also deals with the development and production of respiratory protective filters for military, industrial and civil applications. The high quality of products is ensured by implementation of the quality system according to EN ISO 9001 standards.

Production program:

  • pumps and technological equipment for waste water treatment plants, in particular axial submersible pumps, return sludge pumps, aerators - mixers, lowering equipment
  • pump sets for fire rescue corps, for example floating, portable and stationary pump sets, floating trash collectors, universal ecological pump sets
  •  mobile flood control emergency pump sets  
  • special mixing pumps 

Provided services:

  • hydraulic calculations and designs of once-through parts of hydrodynamic pumps
  • calculations of hydrodynamic forces with effect on rotors and stators of pumps
  • calculations of dynamics of circulation inside hydraulic machines using ANSYS-CFX flow software
  • solution of hydraulic equipment using less-usual working principles
  • measuring of hydraulic parameters of model pumps
  • testing pumps and prototypes, performance and cavitation testing
  • issuing testing protocols in the certification system GOST R (the certification of products for the Russian Federation market)
  • scientific and technical activities and professional consultancy


SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav, s.r.o.
Jana Sigmunda 313, 783 49 Lutín, Czech Republic
phone: +420 585 652 402
fax: +420 585 652 400


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