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Sigmainvest spol. s r.o.was established in 1991 as an engineering and trading organizationfocused on exporting pumping and water management equipment anddeliveries of industrial investment units to the countries of theNear and Middle East. Since 2000, an independent division of thecompany has been dealing with designing and implementation of pumpstations and waste water treatment plants for industrial andmunicipality spheres.

A team ofexperienced designers, technicians and traders supported by thetradition of the brand SIGMA builds its references based on thesuccessful deliveries of irrigation and dewatering pump stations,pump stations for drinking, supply and industrial water, watertreatment plants for drinking, and supply water and waste watertreatment plants in the Czech Republic, the countries of Central andEastern Europe, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, India, thestates of the former Soviet Union, and other countries.

Experiencedemployees of the permanent technical and trading office of thecompany in Cairo, Egypt, supervise the implementation of projects inthe Near East region. Long-term businesscontacts, knowledge of local markets and business conditions, as wellas the ability to provide customers with comprehensive services fromconsultancy to construction of technological units through to thedelivery of turnkey contracts make Sigmainvest spol. s r.o. aneffective exporter and reliable business partner.

Provided deliveries andservices:

  • designing, deliveries andcompleting investment units in the field of pumping equipment,including electric and construction parts
  • specialization indesigning and deliveries of pump stations for drinking and supplywater, water treatment plants for drinking and supply water, wastewater treatment plants
  • specialization inlarge-area irrigation projects
  • individual deliveries ofpumps, armatures, pipelines, and other components
  • assembly,supervision, commissioning, operators training
  • advisory and consultancyactivities
  • exporting services


Sigmainvest spol. s r.o.
Prague 1, Václavskénáměstí 56, postcode 111 21, Czech Republic
phone: +420 224 033 226
fax: +420 224 247 258

Office in Cairo, Egypt
Sigmainvest spol. s r.o.
4 Dokki Street, Giza,Cairo, Egypt
phone: 002-02-3315321
fax: 002-02-7612438


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